Live Action Projects

"Wow. I've watched the film about seven times now, and I could watch it seventy more. It's just stunning! 
Superbly conceived, so exciting and beautiful to watch. I was saying last night to Cassie how every single element seems like -- in the case of the best art, paintings, novels, poems, whatever -- so elemental that it's always been there. I tell my poetry students that the poem succeeds when you make the reader experience none of the hard work that's gone into making the poem -- when the poem reads as if it was somehow easy to write. And that's the experience I have watching the Neruda film: that the extraordinary inventiveness and care and all that huge preparation dissolves into the seamless way the film moves. I love how you've captured the various essences of Neruda: from his sublime beauty to his fierce political stance, the essence of place (love the alpacas!). Really, as I think about all the elements: the way you've woven your dad and his typesetting and broadside making into the thick of it, the broken glass (brilliant!) of blood on Paul's hands, the way John Strachan is an absolute dead ringer for Neruda (though, happily, alive), Estrella, the sound of Rodrigo's voice, Cassie's voice. I feel absolutely blessed to know you. What talent you have." 
                                      ~Jeffrey Levine, Tupelo Press